About Us

305 Mini Auto is a parts company that specializes in new & used MINI Cooper parts. We are strategically located in Miami, FL and while working in the industry for over 5 years, we saw an opportunity to offer MINI auto parts at an affordable price. We have a wide array of products for MINI Coopers that meet our highest standards. Our success relies on providing our customers with the best parts and experience there is to offer in the industry. If there is anything we believe in, it is providing quality parts.

Not only do we offer premium parts, we also provide a range of other services. Having originally started off as a Miami-based towing company, we offer towing services as well as automotive repair services. Whether our customers need simple maintenance or emergency repairs, 305 Mini Auto has their back at reasonable prices. Some of the automotive services we offer are Automotive Tune Ups, Car Diagnostics, Engine & Transmission Repairs, Electrical System Repairs, Fuel Pump Replacements.

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